Your haircare routine? Losing a lot of hair + dry hair?

So I have naturally curly hair which means they're dry af. And I've been losing a lot of hair lately and the volume decreased so badly!! I don't know what to do anymore to have silky hair like those girls or even if it's possible considering I have curly freaking hair.

So any advice/ opinion is welcome. Thanks.


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  • The less products you use , the better. Just wash it every other day with a good sulfate - free shampoo for your hair type. Now, i said sulfate free because sulfate is damaging and drying to the hair. I bet if you go and check the ingredient list of your current shampoo sulfate will be listed. Sulfate is a very common ingredient in shampoos. So go out and buy a good more expensive shampoo. Here is the shampoo i'm currently using and it has worked wonders for my hair. It leaves hair feeling smooth, shiny and soft. It also helps to straighten curly hair here it is and you can buy it at your nearest sally beauty supply. More tips : Don't straighten your hair. Better yet, don't use any heat on your hair especially hot water. Go out and buy hair masks with minimal ingredients or make an egg hair mask (look up how to do it , it's simple ) . Eggs have protein and protien is great for hair. I'd also suggest coconut oil for the dry hair. But, don't add too much as that can result in a greasy mess. For the losing hair part, are you stressed? try and lower your stress levels by doing yoga , drinking lots and lots of water, being positive , listening to music etc. their are many ways to decrease stress and i find that by doing so your hair will stop falling out. You're probably stressing out right now due to your hair problems so taking deep breaths and yoga will help a ton for now. Good luck! :)


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  • I got #thinhair problems and this is what I do:

    See, I got coloured hair, so I have to bleach my roots every few months. I do this by using coconut oil on my hair first (I apply it before bleach) to protect my hair, and I use a violet based bleach with 30 developer. For the maintenenace of coloured hair that doesn't feel like shit I do the following:

    First and foremost, I wash my hair twice a week to avoid stripping the hair of moisture and colour. In between I will condition it every other day without washing and use dry shampoo to avoid access oil.

    After washing I use a combination of things:

    L'Oreal hair experitise volume collagen mouse to make my hair appear thicker
    Anti-breakage keratin oil by OGX
    And I also use Sebastian Trilliant heat protectant spray since the previous products work best with heat activation.

    From there try to use shampoos and coniditoners without parabens and sulfates.

  • Go to the doctor!

  • I avoid washing them too often (I wash them around 3 times a week) and I avoid brushing them. I use a wide-toothed combed instead.
    Also, before washing them, I do a 5-20 minutes scalp massage with Argan Oil.
    Do you dye your hair?

    • Yes I dye my hair

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    • Thank you! Considering my dyed color is pretty close to my natural color I only touch the roots every 4-5 months or so. I will try to not dye it at all if it goes on falling being as dry as a broom.

    • I commend you on your choice!

  • Use coconut oil almost every other day on ur hair. Leave it overnight, the longer you can keep it the better. I always lose hair in the winter and when I put coconut oil once or twice in a week my hair is back to normal. when I know I'm not going out some days I'll just leave it on all day and night and really makes my hair strong shiny and less breakage.

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