Should I wear white skinny jeans and pink shoes? XD

i never wear skinny jeans much less solid white ones but I have pink/red shoes that barely fit me and I need to wear them at least once before I can't even fit in them although they already hurt. I have 2 white shirts that have a nice red/ slightly pink design but one is a little small and faded and the other is new but too big :/ I wanna wear the new one but its big and I don't want people to think that I'm fat. in general should I even wear any of this at all? it would be way different than how I usually look but I want people to get the idea that I don't care what they think although I do. And maybe it can cause a few questions that spark up conversations with girls :) what would you guys think if you saw a mostly quiet guy who wears medium dark jeans and tight hoodies/ sweatshirts everyday with black vans randomly wore white skinny jeans and pink shoes XD


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  • I would think that you're not into girls

  • Honey plz don't those girls are ganna think something else ..and yeah it will start a converstation but not the kind you wnat.


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