A big girl problem..

There are 2 girls, I like one of them."X"

the one I don't love "Y" told me she likes me, the girl I love, talks to me on msn a lot and we stare into each others eyes when we walk past each other in school."X"

I am one of the few SNAG'S (Sensitive New Age Guy)

The "Y" girl never has talked to the "X" girl and I am just wondering what will happen if they become good friends. (seeing that they both like me) I have been thinking about this for quite a long time.

(I have been thinking of scenario's like "what if "Y" makes me look bad so that "X" thinks I am a jerk"


P.s Much appreciated.


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  • Well neither of them are going with you so they can't trip because me and my friends have had our eyes on the same guys but since none of us were with him we never fought if "Y" is a messy person she would do that but she can't say nothing bad because Ur not leading her on to nothing are u?And if "X" really likes you she won't care what other people say about you simple as that good luck hope it helped.


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