Will he come back?

It's been 2 months since the breakup and a month of absolutely no contact. I don't think he will call. So how long is a good time to wait until I should contact him? MIND YOU it was a very bad break up. I couldn't deal with it. I've done a lot of soul searching and know I need to change. I just would like opinions on how long I should wait to call him? or should I see him in person first or call him first? opinions please!


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  • Just work on your self...if you continue to act the way he remembered (the not so appealing stuff) and repeat that behavior, it will not help your best intentions. When you can act civil, ask him to meet you for coffee? Don't say why. If he asks you, just tell him where you will be and if he wants to show up, he will. Don't sit there waiting all day. It is possible that he is already seeing someone. Don't worry about it. When (if) he shows up, just thank him and tell him you are happy he showed. Act like you are trying to make a first impression...don't revert back to old arguments or past discussions. Act like you are just getting to know him without any past (negative) history.

    Look different too...not much, but maybe hair style or make-up. Don't give him the last picture of you he remembers during that messy break-up. Good Luck & be ready to move on. Thank you for the opportunity to add constructive advice...


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  • Call him to see what's up but there's no guarantee he will agree to get back with you.

    • Ok thanks :) I was debating whether to call or go see him. but I would say seeing him would put him on the spot. :/ thanks

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