Do these words mean different things for guys: hot, gorgeous, pretty, cute, beautiful?

So some guys call me hot, others call me pretty..other on says you are there any special meaning? is gorgeous better than just pretty? I have always wondered about that so guys...say something:D


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  • A lot of guys overuse some of these words, like saying a girl is beautiful when they actually just think she's pretty, because they know girls would much rather be called beautiful or gorgeous, than just pretty. That said, I don't think there would be much point in you knowing what these words mean to me, since chances are high that they'd mean something else for other guys. Either way... this is what I think:

    HOT: I like a girl's body. She can easily get me turned on.

    CUTE: She looks... cute. As in, "aww". It could be her clothes, or just simply the way she looks. I feel like hugging her all the time.

    PRETTY, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL: These words have to do with how a girl is looking overall, so I take into account her face, her hair, and her clothes. These all mean pretty much the same thing to me, but they're on different scales. If a girl is just looking good, I'd tell her she's pretty. If she looks better than she usually does, and I notice that, I'd say she looks gorgeous. Like usually when girls get ready to go out at night, some of them can look quite striking. :3

    As for beautiful, for me that's like... the top. It's when I think a girl couldn't look any better than she already does. Her face will probably be stuck on my head for a few hours. Or days...

    Although of course beautiful might not have anything to do with what they look like, but what they're like as a whole. Meaning what's on the inside counts as well. That's why I'd use "You're beautiful" instead of "You look beautiful."

    REMEMBER THOUGH! A lot of guys will tell you these words, without actually meaning them! >.< I know it sucks but, try and be on the lookout for that. Unless you don't really care. xD

    • Best answer all ready? Nice. And yes I agree with everything said. The last part can also be attributed to assholes :)

  • Here is what the words mean to me:

    Hot = I'd like to fnck you.

    Pretty = You have a nice face.

    Cute = You have good looks and I like your personality a lot. You could be girlfriend material.

    Gorgeous = You look spectacular and I know you've really put a lot of effort into your appearance just for me and I really appreciated it.

    Beautiful = Your looks and your personality are very impressive and you are really starting to grow on me, I really like who you are overall.

    Hot = I'd like to fnck you.


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