What is a hair mask supposed to do for your hair? What about a leave-in conditioner?

I'm trying to grow out my hair, and have less breakage. I already have been taking biotin pills and using no heat on my hair for months now. I'm trying to find a product that I can use on a weekly basis that helps with this process. If anyone knows about leave-in conditioners or masks, please let me know!


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  • make an oil mask with tons of coconut oil and leave it overnight... you'll like the result the next morning

  • A hair mask you leave on longer than a normal conditioner, so it penetrates and deeply moisturises more layers on your hair. A leave in conditioner you apply after towel drying your hair while it's still damp and leave it be.
    I am also growing out my hair, so I can donate it and I am currently using both a hair mask and leave in conditioner along with coconut oil.

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