Light blue or light green shirt on a casual summer hang out - catch up with a sordid history and love?

We have not spent time together in two years so taking it slow and I have a lot to explain.

I want to feel comfortable look kinda pretty but mostly casual.

I know" what color shirt " isn't big deal but I don't do not usually wear color and o want to feel lighter in mood than usual and I can't decide green light or blue light or white light...

White is just light period but won't bring out my eyes but it's not committing to a color.

light blue is calming but a bit cool

light green is warm but less calming.

im looking to feel calm and collected but not unfriendly and look light and look nice... I have green Eyes and its summer so...

combination below.


  • Light green scoop neck with tight blue flare jeans
  • Light green scoop neck with tight black flare jeans
  • Light blue scoop neck with blue jeans
  • White scoop neck shirt with black trim with with tigh black jeans
  • Light blue scoop neck with tight black flare jeans
  • White scoop neck black trimmed shirt with tight blue jeans.
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