Shoes for Undergraduate Convocation?

I'm convocating from university at the beginning of June and while I have a dress picked out I'm at a bit of a loss for shoes and accessories as I'm a spandex and sneakers kind of girl. The dress I have is a white lace fit and flare sundress with thicker straps that falls about mid thigh lengthwise. I was planning on pairing it with some nude heels and a thick black belt to define my waist (which I'm kind of partial to in all honesty). In terms of makeup I might do a red lip and neutral eye makeup as I have red hair and thick black glasses. A couple people have said the nude, black, and white is a bit much and that I should ditch the belt or get black shoes while others have said it looks totally fine. Naturally I'm at a bit of a loss as fashion is not my forte.

Is a white dress, black belt and nude shoes too busy? Should I look for a pair of black shoes or lose the belt and stick with the nude? Or any other suggestions would be great :)


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  • remember that its only convocation, its not your wedding day

    • Oh I know! I just only own the one dress and don't want to buy another one as I don't wear them often enough to own more than one haha. Plus, I've never been to a formal event in my life so I would like to look half decent compared to usual :p

    • but you get what im saying

    • Ha ha in all fairness to @asker, it isn't wrong for her to want to look great after 4 years of hard work.

      Congratulations on convocating by the way!

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  • Lose the belt.

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