How to attract guys!!

i want to know how to attract guys at a gym... there are so many cute guys that go my gym but I can't seem get one... please help me!

OK so I want to attract guys but NOT being slutty... I still want to be respected!


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  • Well I go to the gym all the time and when I see a good looking girl I would not approach her unless she gave me sign to do so (of interest). Plus I'm the type of guy when in the middle of lifting weight doesn't like to be disturbed, only when lifting weights. When I'm on the treadmill I don't mind. Plus for a guy it would be awkward to approach a girl at a gym. So maybe when the guy is in standby mode (taking a minute break from lifting) talk to him or better yet when you lift weights ask him to spot you real quick (oversee you when you lift weights) . A guy would love that because it eases the awkardness of approaching girls. Or you can ask him for advice on how to lift, what excercices to do. The gym can create so many conversations. You can also open up with a question, like "does lifting weights cause a girl to get overly muscular" or phrase it with your own words. A guy loves giving advice to a girl, so act like you don't know a thing. If you do this a guy will feel more confortable appraoching you the next time. This is also a way to talk with guys and not have to fear rejection because your just asking for advice, right? Make sure you smile and seem interested in him. In my opinion the gym is the best place for a girl to go to pick up guys, because they aren't going anywhere and most of them are concerned how they look and are always lifting weigts to look good for girls. So they must know a thing or two about lifting and toning. and you can use this to your advatage to get to converse with them.


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  • lol.. what's slutty to you? if a girl comes in with tight shorts it will attract most guys lol.. and you can't really come in with like street cloths but maybe you can but it would look kinda weird probably.. best thing would be like tight pants + tshirt(girls in the 17-22 age do usually wear this).. and it works

    • Ive seen girls walk into the gym basically in their bra and some really really short tight shorts lol they seem to get a lot of attention...thats kinda slutty... unless they just want some extra air haha. but would a tank top work?

    • Tank top would work probably unless ur boobs are hanging out lol.. id say try not to show too much if you can..

  • Dress in almost nothing and act really slutty.


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