How to use a diffuser on my curly hair?

Help! I've got naturally curly hair. It goes wavy at the top and curly at the bottom of my hair. I really dislike that. I'm wanting it to go curly from the top to the bottom. I've tried using a diffuser. Not really sure on how I'm to use. I've seen a few clips on how to use them and their all different. I'm looking for a way to use a diffuser that will get my hair curly from the top to the bottom. Any suggestions? Oh yeah my hair is a little bit pasted my shoulders and its in layers.


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  • My hair is a lot like yours and what I do is while I'm still in the shower (with the conditioner in it) I flip my head completely over so my torso is practically parallel to my body and comb my fingers through it after I get out I wrap it in a towel lossely around my shoulders and get dresses (so its not dripping) then you flip your head over and turn on the blow dryer with diffuser and blow dry it from the ends...its really important to not move it a lot..just hold it so your hair cups in it and move it to a different part of your head every once in a while. Once your done with your ends move to the top (which is really the bottom since your head is flipped over) and dry it there a little. You don't need to do a perfect job but make sure your ends are completely dry or else they frizz leter good luck :)