Eye contact with a girl?

I, like most men, enjoy checking out cute girls; but I try to make a point to maintain an somewhat aggressive eye contact with them (unless they turn away). Like, at first, I'll check her body but afterwards, I'll look into her eyes for a second or two. But most of the girls I do this to, make eye contact with me too. Yesterday I was at the walmart, and made eye contact with at least 5 or 6 girls. I think I made a couple of them nervous because they'd pull on the bottom of their shirt, or play with their hair a bit.

Am I being creepy?

Keep in mind, I don't STARE at them, just glance for a second or two. I shouldn't have used the word aggressive.


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  • I like how there's this one, then an anonymous one right after it... xDD

    Anyways, sometimes when they play with their hair or shirt, they make the assumption that you're looking at A small mishap they might be having like their hair is messed up.

    And it's in wal-mart... that's... not necessarily the place you go to check out girls and be obvious about it. xD

    • I really don't care if its walmart, target, the mall, wherever..

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    • Well, to me, there's no difference than that or the park, library, movie theater, etc.. It's all public property. It's not like I'm checking out little girls ..at all.

    • Understandable. xD It is public property, so you're free to look wherever you so please, lol. Like I said, probably just me, but wal-mart gets the weirdest people around here x_x

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  • i suggest if you stare at them not to obviously look at them up and down, look at their face and/or try to look at their eyes. It can be uncomfortable in a bad way when guys look at me like they are drooling (but you said you don't stare so that cool). if I don't like them I glance in their direction annoyed. If I do like it, even though I don't want to admit it, I do look away uncomfortable but with a slight smile. but that's just me!


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  • Alright, I'm not going to be nice here... If I was married and shopping and you started doing this to my wife I'd knock your head down.

    That is extremely creepy and desrespectful, women don't only exist to be checked up and seen as sexual objects all the time. Just think of it this way, the next time those girls see you, what would they think?

    • You'd *try* to knock me down. :-) And its creepy checking out women in a public place? Damn bro, you need to lighten up a bit and not take yourself so seriously.

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    • Most girls that you know act like they don't like it, but they get turned on when they see a good looking man like myself scoping them out a little bit, it's an ego booster.

      And I have no intentions on hitting on any of these women. I am in a relationship, but that doesn't mean that I can't admire nature when my woman ain't around.

    • The best of luck

  • Well if you are starring at them for a long time and you are just blankly looking at them, yes girls would find that creepy. Especially at Walmart, girls at Walmart aren't usually there to get checked out by guys ahahaha.

    I think you should take small quick glances, make them less noticable.

    • I never blankly stare at them, I know the difference between checking them out and staring them down, the latter is quite rude. It's usually just a 1-2 second glance into their eyes.

      I shouldn't have used the word aggressive.

    • Well quick glaces are alright. Sometimes girls can overract.... MOSTtimes girs overract ahaha

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