What is appropriate to wear to an interview?

I have a couple job interviews coming up. One at a fast food place and a one at library. My current job is at a fitness and dance studio, so for my job interview I kept it casual just in case they wanted me to join a class or demonstrate a teaching technique.

Would it be appropriate to wear a dress, cardigan/blazer and some work heels? For either place? My friends are saying dark wash jeans and a nice top, but I feel like that is too casual... Also what would be a good way to do my hair. I have extremely curly hair and because it is so hot where I live I don't want it to frizz. Would it be okay to put it in a bun/braid?


Thanks everyone!!! I got the job!!!


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  • Job interview for the library: you want to dress in nice business casual attire and demonstrate that you know how to maintain an image of professionalism. Avoid slang language but don't try to sound pretentious, either.

    Job interview for fast food: dress casual. Jeans and a t-shirt are fine. You don't want to convey the impression that you are too "high class" to do an entry level job. Try to impress the interviewer that you need the job and that you are reliable.


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  • You could wear a nice blouse and jeans and put your hair in a bun, good for both interviews


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  • Wear what you think is appropriate and comfortable. Your dark jeans and nice top are probably fine. It depends on where you're interviewing also. I find a lot of people don't even bother dressing nice to interviews anymore (wear normal everyday clothes) so you'll stand out probably (in a good way) if you dress nice but I wouldn't go overboard either (just because you might feel really uncomfortable).

  • I'd dress more formally to the library than the fast food place. Dress smart for the former, and casual for the latter.


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