Opinion on this hairstyle? Advice/tips for dyeing hair for the first time?

I'm thinking about getting my hair cut like this soon, and I'd like to add highlights as well, very similar to the girls hair in the picture. I've never dyed or have done anything to my hair before. I've heard there are hair products with hydrogen peroxide that lightens hair naturally, rather than going to the salon and spending money on highlights. I might do that.


Before anyone asks, I do not post pictures of myself online. My hair is pretty similar to the picture, same color, just a little past the shoulders.

I'm mostly asking this question to those who've colored or lightened their hair before. What is your opinion on this hairstyle, and what is your advice for those coloring their hair for the first time?


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  • its fine i guess


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  • I've gotten highlights, but always professionally. When I dye my hair myself, I just do a solid color. Highlights are mad expensive and they typically grow out very fast, so I probably wouldn't get them again anytime soon.

    I would say if you're gonna do highlights at home, see if you have an experienced friend who can come help you. But honestly, doing highlights at home sounds a little risky.


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  • I love that. That's a really cute style but will take some maintaining

  • I like it a lot.
    As for doing it naturally, I wouldn't recommend it out of fear that your hair might end up looking sort of orange.


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