It's about more than just looks?

I have been seeing this guy for over a month and I like him a lot. There is only one thing and I feel mean for even saying he is not the cutest guy. I think he's good looking but and his personality is great, that's what makes me like him even more and he treats me good. I just get these thoughts in my head that when friends or even family meet him they might not think he's good looking and think why am I with him. I know its horrible thoughts. I have dated some really good looking guys and they usually end up being complete jerks. I just wonder if there is anyway to get past this doubt I have.


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  • Well their is an upside, less likely to cheat if he's not good looking, if he treats you well and has a great personality that's an upside to. When you are young you want a ferrari and when you get older you want a volvo, priorites change, if you start thinking about a family which is a long term commitment then he might be the right one, it is something you will have to come to terms with or if feel you can't and you can do better then end it. No use being in a relatoinship which you have doubts, you have to feel completly happy and at ease with a relationship a long term one that is.


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  • I dated this girl that was just ok looking but she grew on me and she turned out to be a complete whore lol. I mean feel good that you found someone cool that doesn't treat you like total crap or cheat on you because so many of us have the hardest time finding someone sane that are good people no matter how they look. you already found someone worth having

  • my ex dumped me after almost 4 years because she felt she deserved someone hotter. no lie.

    • Wow man she's a bit of a b****

    • Well, if she was hot, and your not that good looking, then she was right...I think it's just wrong when I see hot women with ugly guys.

    • It's not all about looks you piece of sh*t. I loved that girl so so much and I treated her like a queen. I am not ugly, I get attention from girls. I have a heart of gold. That's what gets overlooked these days, everyone wants someone hot. Go f*** yourself.

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