Tight Clothing For Guys? Yes/No?

So I'm not talking super super skin tight, but I feel like a lot of the stuff people where now days is like 2-3 sizes over what they should be wearing? Maybe, I'm the only one who feels like this?

Is tighter clothing attractive rather too loose to someone of you women out there?



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  • i like tight shirts on guys, but not too tight.


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  • I like it when I have a mini hard on and chick are looking. :D

    • I really want to put this as the best answer... Lol

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  • I prefer clothes on men that have a nice snug fit (unless they're shaped like a water balloon.)

    • Bahahaha! I'm a guy, but I totally agree with that statement.

    • If a guys ass is nice, then his jeans should show it off. Same goes for the other side! I'm generous in showing off my more attractive parts - guys should return the favor. by the way - these baggy pants with the waist at thigh level make me laugh - especially if it looks like they're holding themselves.

    • True! Thanks for the reply.

  • Too tight is a no-no in my opinion.


What Guys Said 2

  • maybe shirt-wise... pants-wise? fuck no... things need to breathe.

    • I know what a dude would say... Did you read it or just a quarter of it?

      "Is tighter clothing attractive rather too loose to someone of you ""women"" out there?"
      Unless you lied on your profile or your picture, I wasn't asking you. :P lololol

    • Should have made the question gender specific... the option is available.

  • Depends. Tight shirts (not too tight) can look good if you're muscular, if you are skinny, it will make you look skinnier, so don't wear them.

    Tight jeans are always a no, that looks fucking awful.

    • Hmm I'll keep it in mind, I hate how everyone has so many different kinds of tastes, interesting shopping these days.