Girls, Tall/Hourglass figured ladies, please help?

I have the HARDEST time finding jeans that actually fit. I have a 39 inch inseam and am a size 10 but also have a small waist so that makes it even more difficult. I've tried Express and their "extra long" *eyeroll* was four inches too short, and you can forget them coming in a 10. Buckle only has jeans that are to a 37 and I couldn't find anything big enough for my butt and thighs with the right waistband.


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  • Maurices. Their jeans aren't badly priced (in my area) around $100-130 per pair. They specifically have jeans for the pear shaped bottom.

    Mine are a little snug around my butt, but they do fit and they are long.

    BE WARE of the length for the curvy jeans. Some are not as long as others. I bought a 2nd pair without trying them on and they're a little too short. -.- I don't return clothes either.

    I'm 5'10"

    • Or you can try debs. I haven't been there in forever, but my friend who is Pear-shaped, LOVES their jeans. She has SOO many pears. Admittedly, they're really comfy and fit; even though I'm 5" taller than her?

    • so many pairs* XD

    • Thank you so much! I'll have to look at them and see if they work out :)

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  • I have good luck at Tommy Hilfiger and American Eagle. I don't know what you've tried. I also like Guess jeans. They make your ass look AMAZING. They are pretty expensive though.