What is really important to women?

I've been dating this girl and she has a lot of male "friends." Everyday she giving out here number and talking about how cute some of her "friends" are so I asked her about that she says want to make sure she make the right decision as to who she go with.. is this normal like should I be OK with that?

In addition she always talking about what somebody can do for her... I guess one her "friends" took her out and spent a thousand dollars on her.. do women expect that?... because I am not going to.


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  • Honestly I wouldn't put up with it if I were you. She sounds really insecure and like the kind of girl who needs constant validation from other guys to make herself feel good. Trust me not all girls are like that and if she wants to compare you to other guys then she can just as easily go be with those guys and save you the headache. I think she's actively seeking some kind of jealous response from you, don't give into it. If she had any respect for you as a person, she wouldn't make you feel like you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on her.

    • Thank you I need that confirmation... how should I discontinue dating and just be friends?

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    • I can't speak for all women but I know personally all I want is someone who is loyal and honest. Physically attraction helps of course, but I like guys who make me feel safe and who I know I can confide in. Of course it's nice to get gifts every now and then but if someone was constantly showering me with expensive gifts, I would question their motives and it would make me feel uncomfortable because I know I can't afford to do the same in return. Simple is best for me.

    • Thanks you put life back in me because I was starting to think that was normal and I was gone give up on dating lol but now I know otherwise... also you made me laugh when you said "i can't afford to do the same in return" lol I can relate... I like buyin gifts every now and then but NOT EVERY WEEK lol

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  • Personally, if we weren't declared boyfriend and girlfriend yet, I would definitally keep my options open, but if you are actually like that, I definitally would be thinking other guys are cute, but I wouldn't go and tell my boyfriend or even give out my number to them.

    As to the second question, I definitally wouldn't expect a "Friend" to spend that much on me. That would be more expected in a more serious relationship, like almost married status. I wouldn't even expect a guy I'm in a serious relationship to spend that much on me. If the girl is looking for THAT kind of thing then you definitally should reconsider.


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  • Your girlfriend talking about how attractive other guys are? And how they take her out? She can have all the male friends she wants but if she is talking (or rather bragging) about these other male figures in her life there should be some sort of warning flag raised in your mind.

    If she is talking about what other people can do for her she may be trying to push you to 'compete' with them and prove you could do better. She is trying to get you to be more like the positives she sees in someone else. Which, by the way, is a load of BS. If hearing these stories bothers you tell her to stop telling you this crap! Tell her if she wants a guy like Joe Schmo who spends $1000 on her when he takes her out then she can go and find him cause that isn't you. Take a stand for your personality and for your self character.

    Her behavior is not normal. And a woman who is serious about a relationship would not be discussing the positives of what other people could provide her.

    • Thank you... I thought it was not normal... I think she's just seeking money rather than love