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I have a business idea. Would you go to a store that sold designer shoes such as louboutins, Valentino, Armani and had designer underwear such as agent provacator? I want to open up a store in my city centre that sells designer clothing and accessories that aren't sold in stores around me. Would this work? Also finance isn't difficult right now but what brands should I look for and do you have anything like this near you


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  • Great idea
    I will do the same business too and I've planned it when I couldn't find those "celebrity type of clothes" LOL
    It'll definitely work cutie
    Go ahead cutie

    • He's right but depends on the place you live too

    • Yep cause population plays an important role
      It ain't gonna work if population is low :P

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  • It's VERY unlikely that this would be possible.

    In general, those kinds of brands are sold only through (1) the brands' own boutiques, and (2) major high-end department stores.

    There are SOME smaller private stores that are officially licensed retailers for some of these brands -- but those tend to be in countries where the brands don't have any boutiques, and where there aren't major department-store chains that carry the brands. And, more often than not, the proprietors of those stores are VERY well connected within the fashion industry.
    ... and this is happening less and less, now that e-commerce exists. (When I lived in Medellín, Colombia, 17 years ago, if I wanted to buy a Gucci bag, I'd have to go to one of the 2 stores in town licensed to sell Gucci products. Now, anyone in Medellín can just get on the Internet and order from Gucci online.)

    You are in Glasgow, which is in the UK. Those brands ALL have flagship stores in London, and the ones with wider reach (like Armani) probably have storefronts in Glasgow or Edinburgh, too. And even if they don't, there will definitely be a department store that carries those brands, and there is pretty much zero chance that you'll be able to become a licensed retailer.

    Yr better bet would be to find some new, up-and-coming, UNKNOWN designers, and try to become the first in yr country to stock their products. If you are serious about that sort of thing, then you should definitely make yrself known at London Fashion Week (and probably travel to the other European Fashion Weeks), and you should get involved in the up-and-coming fashion scene in general.

    • Okay what if it was a lingerie store that sold high end lingerie and high end makeup such as Anastasia Beverley hills and color pop which is currently only available in America?

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    • I honestly keep overthinking everything. My plan was to own like a semi clothing store selling luxury shoes like 3 brands or women and men shoes, some purses, and makeup not available here but is well known. However there is already a store called 'cruise fashion' which is basically the same. So I'm trying to think of what they don't have that I could have. Nothing is coming up lol so I'm back to square one

    • Well, good luck. Obviously don't invest yrself too much in anything until you've decided it's THE thing you want to do.

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  • Location is what you need to help make your business successful. I actually am planning on opening up my own clothing store. See what kind of town do you live in? Do people have the money to shop there? Those are things you need to consider.

  • Nope, not into those

  • Lol so like a neimen or Bloomingdales?

  • Economy is bad so maybe better to do a store with less expensive goods.

    • Such as an outlet store? It'll be designer goods but half the price of the normal retail store

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    • Haha Okaay. It might be in a bigger city like Manchester so I can attract more people

    • lol.. Oh, Very Very Nice. I am so sorry I posted anon, I didn't wanna have you feel I was knocking your ideas. I am actually Still into a family owned Wholesale Real Estate and I know myself How it Feels with Good Deals.. Thank you for not pointing fingers and I wish you all the luck in the world. It is people like yourself with determination that makes a Successful person. xxoo

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