Do you or your significant other (or ex) have any issues with how her bra fits? What trouble do you have and how have you tried fixing it?

Do you notice her having any issues with the fit? (Cups being a little too big, straps falling down, etc)

And have you ever mentioned the fit to her?

My ex was a 36b, but sometimes wore a 38b. She didn't realize that when she wore the 38, there were gaps in the cups and her straps fell down a lot. I mentioned it to her once and she kinda shrugged like she didn't care since it was her favorite bra.

Just wondering if anyone else's girlfriend had something like this going on?


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  • I have a big problem with finding a bra that fits. I'm about a 38 ddd. But i think I'm between a couple sizes because if I go towards a lower bra, there is no gap, but some boobs hangs kinda in between and jiggles a bit and it's not how it's supposed to fit, but I I go bigger they stay in but there might be a bit of a gap. I usually opt for slightly too big because I feel it's less noticeable to the general public.

    • The bigger one is probably more comfy too cuz it's not squeezing your boobs to death lol

    • Comfort is pretty equal for me cuz the size is close either way

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  • Not my significant other, but my close female friend has that problem. I try to be as helpful as possible to tell her the proper fit - gore lies flat on the underbust, the straps firmly sitting vertical on the shoulders etc.

    • What problem specifically?

    • She doesn't get enough support for her boobs, complains of backaches.

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  • My husband likes to snap my bra straps when they fall down. About all the attention he gives haha

  • My boyfriend cannot tell if my bra fits or not. It's precious.

    • Lol what do you mean? You asked him if it fits? Do you think it fits?

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    • Ah. Their straps probably fall down a lot then too right? Do yours do that?

    • I don't think so and no mine do not.

  • My boobs are 2 different sizes lol, so it's a little hard to find a size that works for both boobs

    • Haha so what do you do?

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