What is size 00... what was it before 00. Are all. zes now out if alignment? Were American sizes the same as European in past?

I just started getting into buying clothing as Ihave my own money and I'm no. longer getting hand me downs. I dont understand why we have size that represents "nothing". Why not just start at 1 and work out way up. I that size 6 used to be standard. Was that so going down the numbers would represent small? But now going down from 6, it still seems kind of medium. I don't see the point and I think zero is just some kind if joking. Not even the size but the number. There is literally no information in that. Why can't Womens sizing he done in numbers like men. I have broad shoulders. My waist goes in from my hips but my hips are still smaller than the width of my shoulders.. and I'm very thin it's really hard to find stuff that fits that isn't too big. I'd prefer numbering. I think it'd make it easier for a lot of people. I guess when we mostly wore dresses sizes made more sense. But we wear shirts and is telling a lot now. Measurements would be good. But anyhow why 00?

And why are sizes different depending on the company. this too is why I want measurements. That way you know what you're getting.


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