What hair color suits me the best?

i want to do something different with my long hair to make me stand out a little bit most girls in my town have dark hair colors so i either do a balayage with blonde highlights or dye it dark brown almost black.. i have skin tone similar to Selena gomez's, dark brown eyes, and dark eyebrows my current color is brown and lighter at the ends so please help?


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  • Depends entirely on skin tone. If you have pale skin, get light hair. If you have tan skin, get dark hair.


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  • Impossible to say without a picture. Your hair won't make you stand out unless you dye it an unnatural color, a balayage/highlights certainly won't do that considering that like 90% of girls have that nowadays.

    • yeah i know but as i said its not very common in my town besides that my hair is so long so it can change my whole look

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  • When you have the olive skin tone you might want to dye your hair an ash light brown. It looks great on people with that skin tone!!

  • What texture hair do you have?

    • weavy :)

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    • i really got bored of it.. i'm really considering going lighter
      thanks for your help <3

    • No problem