What sort of haircut should I get?

I've had the same haircut for about 3 years now (shorter sides, longer on top and hair product for a quiff). I'll be getting a haircut soon and I'm looking for something different (if that would suit me, I'm not 100% sure lol)
One of my friends said to me "You should dye your hair or parts of it" and I said "haha yeah sure" but I gave it some thought but I'm nowhere near sure about taking it to that level xD

Anyways, I'll leave it you.
If y'all have any pictures go go with your ideas that'd be freaking awesome :3


Oh, I know I look like shit. Sowi xD
What sort of haircut should I get?
Yeah It's filtered but it's the only one I had. Sorry xD


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  • aw, how cute! don't cut your hair, it looks nice like this


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