Guys, For me a haircut is always a traumatic experience. Is it the same for boys?

So i went to cut a little bit my hair today but like always it is a traumatic experience because i dont know how much will my stylist cut.

A friend told me that for guys is the same but i didn't believe him. I think for guys is that you dont mind how you cut your hair due that in a month it grows back.

Am i right or wrong?
Is that troublesome for guys to find a good hair stylist?


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  • You're right, because for me I actually like going to get a haircut. The thought never occurred to me that my barber can make a mistake, even though I always ask for the "undercut" hairstyle. My mom would be in a bad mood for the rest of the day, if the barber messed up on her hair though.

  • For most guys, maybe not. But I'm the same way you are. My hair has always been somewhat long - even during childhood. And its longer now than it ever has been before.

    So naturally, I've always been paranoid of haircuts. Especially since long hair on men is apparently so much more taboo. Smh -_-

  • I'm only speaking for myself, no it does feel traumatising to me. I can shave my head right now and it I will grow into Justin Bieber's 2009 hairstyle after a month. So you are right about that. I don't usually worry that much whenever I get a haircut and then decide that I do not like the outcome.