I'm going to prom and I need to know what color and hairstyle would look the best for me. I have dark brown hair and a VERY pale face.. and brown eyes. I've been told I look good in a baby blue and purple but I'm not sure. since I have dark brown hair I'm not sure what to do with it. I've noticed that blondes hair looks better when its curled. my hair is about 3 inches longer then my shoulders. what kind of hair looks best in a prom dress? updo? half up half down? all down? curled waved etc. I'm probably going to wear a strapless dress if that helps. and since its senior prom ill be wearing a long gown.


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  • Dark hair+dark eyes+pale skin means you could wear just about any colour you want, but I get a feeling that you would be particularly stunning in red. ^__^

    I'd keep your hair as simple as possible -maybe get some large, loose curls happening near the bottom so you can dance as much as you want without looking disheveled.

  • I'd say visit your nearest MAC store and get some pigments. I'd hard to go wrong there.