The whole body type issue is a confusing one?

Ive read all kinds of body type questions and compared them and had some thinking time. It confuses me because I read such conflicting info.

Men say they want girls with curves, which I've learned means an hourglass figure with a small hip to waist ratio.

Yet I also read that men like women who are slim and slender but not anorexic.

Ill use myself as an example. I'm 5'1, large body frame so my weight of 136 spreads out evenly. I have measurements of 36-31-38. I have a size C breast. On those measurements alone I wouldn't be considered curvy. Because my hip to weight ratio is larger, I'm not considered curvy. Even though I have large breasts and a decent sized bum.

But also, I wear a size 4 jean, and a small to medium top.

I just want to hear thoughts on the subject whether they be on my dilemma, your preferred body type, or whatever.


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  • I agree, most girls should focous on their attitude instead of their body. I like variety, for instance I tend to get small and petite girls because it goes with my body style ( Slim) and I find them extremely attractive until they take their clothes off, then they look like a young boy. I also like wholesome types because they look hottest naked, and then chubby girls ar OK too because they are dynamite in bed. They know they are not stunning so they make up for it by being incredible in the sack. In fact the only girls I`m not attracted to are african americans. I don`t like their build or jawlines, they talk a lot and really loud too. But anyway like he said, don`t obsess all you really need to do is be nice and be faithful that`s the most important stuff.

  • O man, girls take this way way way too seriously! Guys all have different likes/dislikes and some a picky, but for the most part, I gurantee there at the very least a handful of guys that fidn you attractive just the way you are. We don't have all these standards where we take inventory on your x to y ratio. It really kidna makes me sad that so many girls are racking their brains over their body image. I gurantee you plenty of guys will find you beautiful, honestly a lot of us really want gf's but too many things get in the way, like social anxiety etc. Every girl is a special gift to the guy they're with and I wish more females saw themselves that way. Just take a deep breathe and chilax! a guy that would care about a lot of the stuff you mentioned doesn't deserve you anyway in my opinion.


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