What should I wear paintballing?

I've never done it before, but my work is having a team building thing lol... I know paintballs hurt, but the only padded thing I own is this old snowboarding outfit. Would this work? Will I be camouflaged? lolWhat should I wear paintballing?


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  • you're gonna be tripping over your own clothes.

    wear some jeans instead of those pants. or dickies if you have them.

    the paint doesn't hurt unless it's cold out. then they'll tend to bounce off you and not splatter. ouch

    • I was going to tuck the pants into some boots! I feel jeans will leave me with bruises... think this outfit will be ok if it's all tucked in, so no tripping?

    • still seems a bit cumbersome altogether. but if it's all you got to work with, then you're fine. have fun!

    • Thanks! Dickies would be good but I don't own them. I'll go with this outfit, as long as I don't die of heat I should have fun lol...

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  • the bottom of the pants look awkward, it seems prtty heavy if u wanna do some winning. when i went, i layered a sports bra and shirt under a sweatshirt then wore leggings underneath jeans. i anticipated the pain but it wasn't *that* bad lmfao

    • yeah the pants I will tuck into some comfortable boots so they won't drag or anything. They are padded (meant for snowboarding) so I thought they would give me some good protection!

    • alright :D it's good enough, lets hope it isn't too hot

    • lol exactly, I'm worried I'll be out of breath in like 2 minutes if it's hot out... haha

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  • Yes it works

  • Clothes you don't mind getting trashed.


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  • i think its gonna be good to protect you

  • Something you don't mind ruining completely.

    • yeah this outfit is pretty old, but it's waterproof and the people said it washes out... how does it look?

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    • as you said, you're getting the lay of the land. figure it out

    • @orphan what a tiresome little boy you are. Bye.