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So I want to ask a guy out to a movie or something, but I don't know if he's even slightly interested in me. I'm completely oblivious most of the time when guys flirt with me. Can anyone give me tips on what to look for to know if he's interested?


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  • I would say just go for it, if he turns you down, then you won't have to waste all the time you would need to study his body language and make an assessment of his interests. He says yes, then sweet, he says no, then put that effort you avoided towards another interest.

    • Btw, movies are alright as long as you do something before or after. A date is meant to familiarize you two with each other, and that's very hard to do when you cannot talk the whole time.

    • I agree, a movie is a terrible first date.

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  • give some little flirty hints like winking or giving a cute smile. if he's into you, he won't back down, he'll get the confidence he needs and treat you the same way back.

  • If he's interested he'll most likely want to be close to you at all times and he'll make great eye contact when you guys are talking I hope this helps some

    • You seem to forget that some guys can be extremely shy too lol.

    • Lol like me for instance lol I am very shy and can't even look a girl in the eyes without getting intimidated and looking away lol its sad but true lol