Tattoos And Piercings: Attractive Or No?

On females, are tattoos and/or piercings cute, sexy, attractive? When seeing a girl walking down the street with body mutilations, how do you feel? Do you automatically judge them? How much is too much? What's attractive and what's weird?


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  • personally they disgust me I usually won't take a second look at a girl with piercings or tattoos unless its just normal earrings then that's cool but tattoos and piercings in general gross me out and I honestly do tend to judge when I see a girl I like to see a clean tattoo free body that's attractive to me but I guess I'm also into old fashioned girls like if they got a skirt on it goes to their feet and shirts that actually do their job and cover the body lol and stuff like that but I'm sure most guys will have a different opinion but for me that's the way I am

    • Skirts that go to the ground and do their job to cover their body? I bet those women in Afghanistan who wear burkas are pretty much the ideal for you. I know plenty of attractive, intelligent, classy girls with tattoos and piercings and plenty of dumb sluts with "clean" bodies

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  • I don't like lip or eyebrow piercing. I do like bare tummies with navel rings. I like clit and/or labia rings. As for tats there's nothing more hot than seeing a sweetie bend over while her hip hugging jeans slip down her ass and I see her tat just above her crack. Small tats between your t*ts or on a tit are hot. Tats just above your vulva are hot as well.

    • Thats one of the problems with tattoos and piercings there a very sexual thing and I think they can really confuse a relationship people start getting into the sexual piece because the person really turns them on but then they forget that they have nothing in common

    • Lovers, I'm talking about men and women (not fagots and lesbians), have been f***ing each others brains out since the dawn of time. Your point is nothing new. After they've done all that f***ing and the novelty of it wears off they many times do break up. Tattoos may or may not be a prurient factor.

  • When I see anyone of eitther gender bearing outward signs of self-mutilation, I'm inwardly relieved, as I think of it as a kind of disclosure statement.

    • It isn't mutilation, it is modification. Mutilation is violent.

    • I must agree with Fredo.

    • The question asker defined it as "mutilation", and I was inclined to concur. As far as the term "modification" goes, if I were to artfully draw a Chili Peppers logo on the cheek of the Mona Lisa, do you suppose the art world would term it a modification, or a mutilation?

  • Personally, I generally dislike tatoos... I mean a tiny one somewhere down around her waist might be kinda hot, but I'm not too crazy about the idea.

    As for piercings, ears are obviously fine just as long as she doesn't have stuff all up her ears. And belly-button piercings are pretty sexy IMO, but that's as far as I go.

  • They're generally unattractive.


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