What does she want me to do?

I've fallen for this girl who's been my real close friend since junior year. I asked her to the prom earlier but she had to decline since she got stuck in some sort of agreement with her ex-boyfriend.

In between the time she and her ex split up and prom she's been calling me, texting me, just straight chillin' the whole time. Really bonding, becoming someone really important in my life. The one thing she always reminded me of was how much of an asshole he (her ex) was. Yet she never explained why she still was going/went to prom with him. She didn't want to explain and I respected that and didn't want to pry.

So prom came around this year, her ex kept her leashed and we barely even had a chance to speak. Her table was a step away, we always tried to make eye contact and do the whole silly lip-reading thing, but hey, its prom. Later in that night , I saw them dancing together, she looked amazing. But then my feelings of me even having a chance at her shattered, I saw them kissing, if only briefly, it was full, real, kiss.

So I took my chance and told her about how I've been feeling for the past year and told her I fell for her. Hard. I figured they had gotten back together and its better if I just told her how I felt instead of just hanging onto bitter unrequited love. After I told her she only responded at that time with "Thats the sweetest thing I've ever heard." And we parted ways for the night, she with her friends, me with mine.

Later we spoke again, I asked her about where she and her ex stood now and how she felt about my confession thingy. Apparently she knew about my feelings, something along the lines as "so obvious", her other comment about it was that "it was cute."

But the last part of the conversation is what I'm really asking (sorry for the load of fluff and filler shit till this point, it just makes me feel better kind of venting this all, be it anonymous or not.)

She texted me with :

"I don't know, I'm so done with being in a relationship and stuff, I know that sounds mad cheezy and cop outish but [Name] did serious damage and I just don't know and I also don't want you to take that as if I still like him and telling you this cause I feel bad cause that's not true, I'm just really cautious now, and I'm not saying something won't happen either cause you never know."

My friends have been telling me that's her way of saying she wants me to wait till she's ready. But frankly, she never really responded with anything along the lines of "I feel the same way" or "Sorry I don't feel the same way." Its been eating at me for the past 2 days.

We still talk like we used to, seeing as she seemingly knew about my feelings beforehand, it just must be me that feels awkward.

Any ideas of what I should do next? Stay being friends? Slowly sever ties? Curl up into a ball and die?


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  • That is weird. I find it unusual that she would respond with "that's cute," when you told her you feelings. Girls know that guys don't like to be called "cute, adorable, etc. in the kind of was she was referring to," but maybe it was her way of nicely saying that she wasn't interested. Maybe at prom she got caught up in all the feelings, and though she still liked that other guy, so she responded that way. Then afterwards, she may have realized that there is nothing there between her and that other guy?


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