Older ladies. Beauty tips for a 23 year old?

Hey there just wanted to get some beauty tips for the fine older women of gag. Throw them at me


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  • OK I'm not really older older, but totally agree with first answer of moisturise... very VERY important. Also important to moisturise the right way... ie not dragging and pulling at skin, gently rub it in each section. Forehead going inwards from the outside to the middle, eye area just dab it in, under chin going upwards, cheeks small circular motion or just do it upwards and inwards.
    Eye liner, don't pull the eye lid to apply it. I noticed many do that, just begging for wrinkles.
    Don't use too much crap on your face.


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  • Drinks lots of water... clean your face every night and get plenty of sleep. Also moisturize lots.

  • Sunscreen!

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