How come I look okay when I look in the mirror, but I look so bad in photos with natural light? Is it because I am pale?

When I see my reflection in the mirror of my house or public bathrooms I look okay. Even handsome at times. But when o see my reflection in shop windows outside, or take photos with friends in public, I am always the ugly one in the photo. I think people avoid putting photos up that I am in because my ugliness ruins the photo. Why does this happen?


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  • You'll always tend to look better in the mirror with the nice lighting, correct angle, stereoscopic vision, etc.

    Aside from the mirror, some people are more photogenic than others, and photogenic doesn't mean attractive. With photographs you get lens distortion, for example, and some people look better with that kind of perspective and some worse, though the ones that are worse in photographs might still look much better in person.

    Last but not least, some people don't know how to properly pose for the camera. They might end up looking a bit stiff or awkward in a way that looks unnatural, while everyone else ends up being more natural. You can potentially practice that and get better with the aid of a friend, experimenting and finding what angle is best, what kind of expression is best, what posture, etc.


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  • They probably don't know your angles the way you do. Try to be the one holding the camera so you can make it work for you as well

  • Some people just don't photograph well.


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