Nails/cuticles oil advice?

Do you know of a good nails/cuticles oil? There aren't many reviews available. What should the ingredients be? Can I diy it or put olive oil or coconut oil instead of buying that? And how often do you apply it? Does the skin absorb it or you have oily hands that stain everything afterwards?

I'd appreciate some more opinions. thanks in advance


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  • coconut oil is one of the few oils that can reach the deepest skin layer, most other oils tend to stay on the outer skin lays. i hope this helps, its the only thing i know about this kind of thing.


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  • You know all you need to do is just have a bowl, Luke warm water and cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the lemon in the water, let your hands soak in there and use the half lemon (that you squeezed the juices out before) and rub that over your nails one by one then file it down.

    Or if you want to use a particular nail/cuticle oil, I use this

    • That oil is not real oil is full of silicones.

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    • Thank you for MH :)

    • you're welcome!

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  • Jelup maven has a good one