Forney-Dallas area?

Hello, my name is Jessica(:

I'm about to go into college in Dallas, and I don't know anyone there.

My boyfriend of two years, who I was planning on rooming with, left me for another girl about a month and a half ago...but I'm not going to let that stop me from my goals and dreams in life.

As heartbroken and lonely as I am, life goes on!(:

(some people tell me I have a positive outlook on life..I'd like to think so) (:

I will be living in Forney, so I will be in between my hometown and school, so it will be easy for me to visit old friends and family.

I'm always looking for a good friend(:

I am loyal, and I have a very open heart. I give advice/opinions when you are looking for advice, and a shoulder to cry on when you feel like no one is there.

Feel free to send me a message(:

I also have a Facebook;

And a MySpace;


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  • I'll try to find you on FB. Hope everthing is ok. Lift your head up !