Is it a bad thing if I don't get noticeable looks from women?

Girls never look at me. When I'm walking near them they always focus at something in my direction but they never actually look at me. Does this mean that I'm probably unattractive? Ugly? Average looking?

Sometimes it seems as if they don't even notice me, too? Sigh.

Guys feel free to answer as well...


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  • girls just have to look good, be pretty in order for us guys to lock eyes on them, meanwhile us guys have to have the right body language, the right way of thinking, confidence, the right mentality, etc.


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  • girls notice me everyday but none of them ever make a move so it's not like it matters anyway.

    • What's your definition of "notice"? When I say notice, I mean like eyes lock for more than a split second.

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    • Nah man, the sparkle twinkly eye is always a sure sign.

    • Actually, I remember this girl who did that to me, and I'm talking about the whole stars in her eyes pluc eye lock for like 5 seconds, whom I later approached and gave her my number and asked her to hang out, she said "maybe." and she never called.

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