Hey people :) need opinions?

I know this is a stupid question, especially for this site but I really need some help :)
I offer beauty services and I have only recently made one of the rooms in my home a little beauty salon. Anyways, I have a woman coming in for her eyebrows tinted tomorrow and this eyebrow tint takes about 10 mins to develop on her brows! I was wondering what should I do in the mean time? That is the only service she is getting done so I have nothing to do for 10 mins, I don't want to leave the room cause that would seem unprofessional. So?


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  • Chit chat. Ask her for any leads on new clients. Dont be pushy tho. Small talk. Get to know her.

    • Thank you :)
      What does ask her for new leads on new clients mean?

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    • @redeyemindtricks Ahh ok I've never hard a barber so I wouldn't know I just approached this as a regular business. Wouldn't be wrong to say "my best tip would be for you to refer me to your friends and family? " maybe on a business card

    • I mean, I guess it's just kind of... understood? in that business at least

      If anything, it'd be better to drop more indirect hints. Like "I just opened this salon"/"I just started doing business in this part of town"/etc. That way tossing out the *idea* of needing new clients, but not being overly direct or desperate-seeming.

      She could hand out a couple extra business cards while writing up a receipt, too -- again, not too forward, but possibly effective.

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  • How about just having a normal conversation?
    I mean... I don't know anything about brow tinting, but, can she talk during those 10 minutes? (meaning, is it ok if her face moves *a little*, like the amount it would move during normal talking and laughing?)
    If so, just have some girl talk!

    I am normally a total chatty cathy, but, the girl who does my eyelash extensions is so bubbly, and has SO MUCH DRAMA in her life, that I mostly just... sit there and listen to her go on and on, while she's doing a new set.
    If you have anything interesting to chat about, it could be the same, even if yr client *can't* move her face and has to STFU for ten minutes.


    Also --
    I think you are overthinking this -- I don't think you really *would* look "unprofessional" if you just stepped out for a bit.
    I mean... in every hair salon I've ever been to, the stylists will ALWAYS go do other things while the clients are, say, under the dryer. Same with nail salons, if the work is drying.
    So, I don't even really think this "issue" is actually an issue in the first place.

    • Yeah yeah she can talk still :) she's about 40-50 years old. I think that's why I'm worrying haha thank you xx

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    • Ahah girls are girls, babe. Besides -- If her circle is mostly moms, it will be a breath of fresh air for her to have some non-mom conversation for once.

      If nothing else, just get her talking about herself!
      Most people like talking about themselves. And, if she's a mom in a circle of moms, mb she hasn't had much of a chance to talk about herself lately (the whole mom thing tends to be all-encompassing -- lots of moms even start getting kids' stuff for their own birthdays, lol).


      Do you have an Instagram? If not, make one, and start putting yr work on there, along with some more edgy styles you're thinking about getting into!

    • Yeah you're right, thank you :) !

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  • talk to her while her brows tint develops

  • Sit there and chat... Nothing else you can do...

  • talk with her

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