Is make up a turn off?

I plan on going to beauty college next year

I've always been crazy about make up and doing my hair(:

I don't think I'm a cake face by any means, I've had a lot of compliments but I've had one girl says some rude comments about me.

but anyways I've always wondered do guys find it a turn off? I'm sure they can tell it takes longer than 5 mins for me to get ready.


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  • as long as you don't cake it on

    i mean the purpose of makeup is to make it look like ur not wearing makeup

    because caking it on is not better than wearing no makeup at all

    but I can tell ur wearing makeup but you are ace at applying makeup so I wouldn't say that you cake it on because you know how to apply it


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  • well it depends on how much makeup you have on. like a light coating is fine but if you put it on to where you can see a line that's too much. and makeup isn't supposed to make you pretty it just brings out the pretty you already have. so wear something that brings out the color of your eyes, or wear something that makes your smile look bigger or something that makes yuor cheeks look alittle more blush. but not too much of it.

  • Make up should whisper, not shout.


What Girls Said 1

  • well most guys don't like all that makeup on woman I know a lot of my guy friends like ur natural face I mean you can put makeup on but don't over do it unless you can put on a lot nd still look good