Do girls like Zac Efron's new hair?

I'm of tan complexion. I have straight hair and have the same kind of hair as Zac Efron/ G Eazy. I have naturally black hair but dyed it all blonde a few months ago. Parents really hated it so I went to a more neutral brunette with a few blonde streaks in my front bangs. Now I see Zefron is rocking the old blonde hair I used to have.

I know looks aren't everything but I'm wondering if I should dye my hair again when I go back to college. I like to look good, but I know my hair can be unprofessional and prevent me from getting internships if I go too bold.


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  • I love zac effron but didn't see his new hairstyle
    Can u please post a photo I'm really curious and I'll tell u if I like it😊😊

  • Just my honest opinion, I'm not too wild about guys dyeing their hair. Do what you like best, of course, but that is just my opinion.


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