Why do girls like feeling sexy/slutty?

The girls who go out to clubs, and events...

Wearing high heels, tight dress or a mini skirt with a very small t-shirt and have a pony tail...

They are so hot...

Side note, I feel depressed when I see them because I know I will never have them :-(


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  • i think attractiveness is a status, just like money, it gives you some kind of power
    personally I don't like showing skin, it's not necessary


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  • Because they can use it as power to manipulate men. I personally prefer the plain Janes, but there's hardly any, since American women have a love affair with being divas.

    • What about a plain Jane, your crush perhaps...

      Who decides to go out one night wearing huge 4 inch heals and a very tight black dress that covers just from her breasts to just under her hip... and in a pony tail...

    • Like I said, they want to use their sexuality to seduce men and manipulate them to make themselves feel better.

    • :(

      That happened to me

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  • Any girl can be attracted to any guy.

  • Why wouldn't you like feeling sexy? It's a confidence boost.

    • It reduces my confidence... I know I will never sleep with a girl like that and feel depressed...

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    • I am saying when I see them...

      And no one finds me sexy :(

    • Self pity is one of the most unattractive things. Start working out and focus on becoming an interesting person instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

  • perhaps it's more about feeling desirable.