What attracts you?

personality and looks, what attracts you?


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  • the girl needs to be some what fit not huge boobs like an aor b cup c max. Cute face, smile, eyes. Personality has to be somewhat silly, a little flirty, and just have a connection with me.

    • Why do you have a cut-off on cup size? sorry, but that kinda p*sses me off. I'm not trying to be mean to you or anything, but you saying that just makes me angry. I mean, I don't think girls should be evaluated by the size of their boobs, big or small. I know it probably sounds like I'm being ridiculous, but I just want to know why you think that.

    • I'm just describing like my dream girl type I guess. It's not somthing set in stone its kind of like a prefrence and I noticed I'm not usually attracted to a girl with a bigger chest. Usually I'm more attracted to a girls face and personality anyways.

  • Looks do play a part as it is the first thing a guy can see to make up his opinion about a girl.

    Once he gets to know her that opinion might change both ways.

    Personally I found women who gave me a challenge the most attractive.


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