What the BEST option?

If a guy is excessively hairy bodied, whr is the BEST option according to you all?

  • Wax it all off smooth
  • Use electric trimmer and keep it to half inch long
  • If possible, keep it all natural, accept it and feel unique
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What Girls Said 4

  • If you want to get rid of it, use the electric shaver.

    Waxing hurts and can sometimes leave red itchy bumps.

    • If you were this man then?
      What did you vote?

    • If I were this dude I'd probs use an electric shaver then put cream or body lotion on afterwards or it could give you flaky/itchy skin.

      Out of these, I voted B.

  • Voted B

  • Wax it off. Now.

    • Okay help me dearπŸ˜‰

  • You're obsessed with this shit.

    • What's your opinion?

    • Whatever he wants. It doesn't affect me.

    • You voted A?

What Guys Said 1

  • I have a couple of very hairy male friends who can kill it with the ladies even while wearing shirts with chest and back hairs curling out and wolverine arms.

    They both fit into a narrow aesthetic though. They're big, strong, confident manly guys. They command a presence when they enter a room. They're not really the types who would have much muscular definition since they have a good dose of fat to accompany their physique, but most of it is muscle. They can probably lift me with one arm if they wanted.

    Keeping the hair might work well if you can play to this kind of aesthetic.

    Waxed might be good if you want to go for a more chiseled look. I'm half-Asian, have somewhat boyish looks (I still get mistaken for being under 18), and can't grow chest and back hair and I don't bulk up as quickly as my pure American friends (even with the same training routines), so I tend to go for a more chiseled look since it just seems to work best for me.

    I think you can make whatever you have though, hairy or not, work for you if you kind of play to a certain aesthetic.

    • They trim it? And you wish they didn't expose their wolverine's arms?😞

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    • Epic? Lol
      So this needs to be trimmed for sure?

    • Dunno -- I am not sure how to work that kind of aesthetic towards luring female attention (just have those two male buddies who are a bit different but quite hairy and do well). That said, if you feel self-conscious about it, for example, and it makes *you* feel attractive to trim or wax or shave there, I think that always helps.

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