Dress material and grinding?

I am going to my boyfriends formal and have a choice of two dresses.

I look much sexier in one dress than I do in the other. However, that dress is made of a satiny type of material. I know that there will be grinding at this formal.

Is it a bad idea to have a dress of that thin satiny material when there is going to be grinding? If it helps, the dress looks a little like this. As in the same kind of material.

Here: link

Is this not even a problem? I'm not quite sure, I don't get dressed up very often.



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  • I don't think anything bad willl happen...I mean it's satin, it's slippery. Worst case senario your dress gets caught on his pants for a second(button,zipper,belt etc) But they're won't be any ripp-age if that's what your talking about. Just make sure yours has straps because when your going up and down against someone it's bound to get pulled UP AND DOWN. So you don't wanna wear something that's easily pulled up and down.

    I'm sure you'll be fine.


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  • well is the thin satin dress see thru? i can't tell cute if your gunna be doing front to front grinding, and you get vaginal contractions, it just might be noticeable

  • Looks good not sure how it will go if you plan to grind, a lot of schools are baning it, lights on, 6 inch rule, sign a contract, or just cancel it outright...

    • I'm not in high school. So I don't have to worry about anything like that. I was wondering more if I was more prone to a wardrobe malfunction of some sort because of the material.

    • Um let me check yep I'm a guy I want it to malfunction and come off...

    • Not exactly what I was looking for.

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