Cute stranger at my hotel... what's his deal?

so I've been seeing this guy a lot at this hotel I'm staying at. he's here with his family from what I've seen and I'm here with mine. anyways, whether I'm at the pool or just walking around, I notice him here and there looking at me from far away, and then once we go to pass each other, or he walks past where I'm at, I would think he would look at me and at least smile. no, he just looks straight ahead and keeps walking like his split personality kicks in all a sudden and he doesn't see me. I don't know what his deal is? I'm confused. starting to get a little discouraged, I want to talk to him, but I'm completely unsure of what's going through his mind.


i walked past him and he said something to me (FINALLY! :) so then we talked for a bit and I think he is like a super shy guy. but then he said he was gonna head to his room so we said goodbye. should I start the next convo since he started the first 1
he makes me seriously nervous, though I tried to play it cool. what's should I say? he's so shy that it throws me off and makes me think he's not interested


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  • Sounds to me like he's shy. If he's looking at you from a distance but not when you get close he doesn't want to make direct eye contact. Some guys find making direct eye contact uncomfortable because they don't want to make it seem as though they are gawking at the girl that they like.

    I used to do this in first year, I'll look at a girl from a distance and if I found her attractive I'd shoot my eyes away to prevent making eye contact. I can't tell you why I did this, maybe because I think she'd think that I was just staring at her funny and give me a dirty look. It's hard to get past initially, but now I have no problem maintaining eye contact with a girl as she walks past. It's most likely either a confidence thing, or he's just shy and doesn't know how to look at you in a manner that would suggest he likes you. He'd be afraid of staring too much, or looking away at the wrong time hurting his chances.

    Then again, not making eye contact doesn't really give him any chances, it actually sends mixed signals but still it's just hard for some guys to build this confidence up. Like I said, I used to be like this and now I have no problem having enough confidence to stare a girl straight in the eye without feeling intimidated by an attractive girl like I used to.

    • Pretty much everything Crapshoot said. If you want something to happen, and you don't want to leave there with regrets, I recommend speaking with him casually. He's probably too shy to do it.

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  • Nice! All I can really say about him is 'atta boy!' It's just so hard to get over the feelings of rejection, and shyness just makes it even harder. He approached you first, so when you see him again, you talk to him this time. This will let him know you're interested in at least talking to him and you weren't just being nice the first time.

  • He likes you and wants to say something, but he's too shy. The reason he doesn't say anything as he passes is because he's afraid to, so he tries to make it look like he doesn't notice. Try saying 'hi', maybe he just needs you to make the first move so he knows you are interested. Then again, he might freeze up too, unsure of what to say. Give it a shot and see what least then you know, right?


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