Why the sudden change in what I find "sexy"?

i love women in their skirts and dresses, but, recently I've been really in to the ones wearing booty shorts. why the change?


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  • Puberty?

    In all seriousness -- Maybe someone programmed you to have shitty thoughts about those kinds of clothes before, like they were "slutty" and/or the girls wearing them were "sluts"?
    And maybe now you've been able to get rid of those nasty thoughts, and just enjoy clothing that shows off a woman's silhouette?
    That'd be my best guess...
    I mean, otherwise it seems about 16 years late to be asking this question ahahah


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  • Transitioning to ass man? I used to be a face and boob man, but transitioned towards ass man as I reached my 30s.

    Not sure why that happened. My hypothesis there was because I was married. Faces were objects which revealed a girl's personality to me, to fall in love with that feels like falling in love with a girl's character and might involve a bit more of a thought than just pure sexual desire. Ass, on the other hand, is more like a sex object. So I think I started objectifying women more after marriage as a defense mechanism to avoid falling for another girl.

  • No idea, you saw the magic of different fashion

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