Have you tried full body wax?

Have you ever tried it?
My wedding is soon and usually I only do arms and legs. The rest is really fine. I can bleach the rest instead of waxing.

So is it worth to wax full body? I don't want to keep doing it regularly


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  • bleaching your body hair? is that a thing?

    • Bleaching body hair is not new. It's for special occasions. Body looks hairless

    • whatever floats your boat.

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  • What do you mean full body? That sounds painful lol

    • Well it's a special occasion so I don't think I'll regret it but worth it?

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  • No. That sounds painful as hell. My advice is to not do arms and legs at the same time. Maybe arms one week and legs the next.

    • Actually I'm more worried about stomach and back being painfulšŸ˜‘

  • Just do a full brazilllan to get rid of all the hair down there , and your underarms. Legs are pretty easy to shave real quick & stay smooth all day usually & the next. Waste of money if you ask me

    • It's not really expensive here. I don't want to shave daily for my honeymoon. Tried bleaching?

    • I've never tried it. I heard it's pretty good though