Guys, what is the first thing you notice about a girl?

Just curious...

  • Eyes
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  • Breasts
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  • Clothes
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  • Entire look
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  • Nothing, its what inside that counts
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  • I usually notice these attributes in the following order:

    1. Height

    2. Weight

    3. Race

    3.5 Hair (if it's really noticable, i.e. curls or really blonde or just naturally pretty. If it's normal, then hair is lower)

    4. General attitude at the moment

    5. Jaw structure and neck and mouth

    6. Nose, eyes and eyebrows (unless big sunglasses are worn, then the focus is on the mouth)

    7. Breast to waist to hip curve

    8. Ass

    9. Overall fashion sense

    10. How well they make my sandwich ;) jkjk. How they interact with the people around them and their voice.


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  • 1. is face pretty? eyes/size/shape/hair/too much make-up/gotta pretty smile and teeth

    2. what is size as in height/roundness? won't date girls taller than me.

    3. got boobs? not big deal though, Just preference

    4. got a.s.s? not big deal though, Just preference

    5. Rationed well? gotta be

    5. B.i.t.c.h or Not? better be "Not" or it just be one night stand if that

    6. How many guys slept with? Don't want no d.i.c.k. infested ho!

    • Great answer.. Same would go for me but #3 would "Do she have a butt - flat,small,round,curvy etc" and #4 "Got boobs".

      Lol @ #5 and #6

  • 1. Face

    a. eyes

    b. smile

    c. overall face

    2. height= taller than me is ok but only 1-2 inches, shorter is always better

    3. overall body=her build, skinny, fit, normal, overweight etc

    4. breast= size for me doesn't really matter, just not too too big you kno.

    5. style=clothing, the way she wears her hair. I get turned on when girls wear their hair down and just lets it flow. total turn on.

    6. after the whole checking her out thing and once we start talking then personality of course= how she carries herself, how she is with other ppl, how easy she is to talk to, how fun/funny she is.

  • i sort of notice her entire image or body , I don't stare at her boobs even if she has nice boobs , her eyes are kind of hard to notice from a distance so I don't see them first , clothes not a huge concern as that changes everyday anyways , its hard to notice what's inside at first

  • I would say eyes, hair, and smile. I love it when they all come together. I have a weakness for beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes, and a cute smile.

  • usually whether or not she exists... if she is perfect, she usually doesn't exist.

  • 1. eyes and smile

    2. Height- has to be shorter

    3. Hair

    4. hands- she has to have nice hands

    5. Shape

    6. Demeanor

    7. sense of humor

  • i tend to notice face and size first.

  • what's the first thing YOU notice about a guy?

    • Well, there are some primary factors that they have to "pass" first. But of course it all depends.

      -heigh= taller

      -weight= not obese

      hair- not a buzz cut, not long



      broad shoulders

      good half smile, smurk, or real smile

      not a d*** (VERY important)

      kind, but can be aggressive/dominant when he needs to be (huge turn on when used appropriately)

    • That's hot, you almost turned ME on. lol

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