Is it possible for me to be seen as aesthetically pleasing to people?

I am rather plain looking, you know the types that's not quite a four, not quite a five. Average, my eyes are grey and I need glasses to see, contacts are too big for my eyes. My hair is naturally ashen blonde however, I dye it often. I wear it in a ponytail, it reaches my shoulders. I have the body shape of a small child. I have some acne, not a lot though. I also have freckles and moles (the flat kind). I am looking for some truth, everyone I have asked previously lied, I had known them all well enough to observe their tells.


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  • It's really impossible to tell unless we know what your proportions are.
    but everyone has different styles that makes them look good so I assume so.

    • I am 5'4" with a very small frame. I weigh 98 lbs, I don't have an eating disorder or anything it's just in my DNA.

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    • Seems like you lack confidence. that alone will make you look not as attractive.

    • I see. Thank you, I hope you don't terribly mind being a human lab rat, the data I've gathered is to remain confidential don't worry.

  • Your description sounds ok but I'd have to see a pic


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  • How are contacts too big for your eyes lol? I have friends who have tiny ass eyes and they wear contacts, also at the eye doctor they put different contacts on you to make sure they fit you comfortably. And to answer your question, yes it is possible for you to be attractive.

    • They just don't fit my eye shape. I also involuntarily flinch if anything goes near my eyes.

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