Why did he start becoming distant with me?

I met this guy online and didn't think much of it at first. We started to talk more online and then exchanged numbers. When he started texting me he would always address me as names like "gorgeous", "beautiful", and things like that. We mainly did a lot of texting or talking online on Facebook and he would call me at least once a day to talk a few minutes. We had been talking for a little over a week when he asked if we could hang out. We had fun and kissed a few times. I ended up sleeping at his place and we did have sex. Things kinda changed after that and I noticed he stopped addressing me as "gorgeous" or beautiful" in text messages like he always did. He also suddenly started talking to be like a buddy. We still hung out two more times after that but only at his house. He did tell me that he wasn't in a rush to get into a relationship and I told him I wasn't either but I felt a connection with him and I began to like him more and more. I never went into details about how I felt in fear of running him off...but I noticed recently that he blocked me from seeing his Facebook wall and his status posts. I would text him and he wouldn't answer back and when I called him he told me his phone was messed up and could only text. The only thing he did tell me to explain his distance was that his dad was sick and had been in the hospital which was understandable. I gave him some space and decided to let him talk when he could but I wasn't hearing from him like I usually did. I would text him to see how he was but still nothing. I finally got a little frustrated at the situation and sent him a message saying it was obvious that he didn't want to talk to me and I was gonna leave him alone. He did text back but only said "wooow!" and then he deleted me from MySpace and Facebook and never told me what was wrong to begin with. I felt like I deserved to know if it was me or something going on with him. I never did anything wrong. He just became distant...like he was waiting for me to blow up so he would have an excuse not to talk to me. He did tell me that he liked me a little bit the last time I hung out with him. I think he might of been afraid of his feelings for me, if he had any at all. I just don't understand why he acted like this when I was nothing but a good friend to him. I just wish he would have been honest with me instead of making me think so much and snap on him the way I did.

So I got a text from him today and he basically said that he was sorry for acting the way he did. He said that he knew I was starting to like him and he said he was starting to feel the same but can't do any sort of relationship right now.


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  • ooooooh NO he wasn't afraid of his feelings for you, he had no feelings for you plain and simple he just wanted sex and he got and he is done with you. It doesn't matter how nice you are or how good of a friend you are to guy that just wants sex from you because that's all he wanted...when he was saying all those nice things to you it was because he was trying to reel you in to think that he really liked you. And then when he got sex..he slowly pushed you out...for future tips 1, if a guy so called likes you so much he would take you out on a proper date not to his house 2. don't give it up that easily just because the guy is giving you those warm fuzzy feelings 3. don't be to nice because then guys think they can use you

    • Yea that was one of my thoughts as well... I had fallen asleep and he kinda woke me up and started to have sex with me. The second time I went to his house we didn't do anything but the third and final time I was there we did do it again. I appreciate your feedback. I do need to be more careful next time when I like someone.

    • Yea but its ok just learn from this your to good for that and only let men that are worthy of you get anything like that : )