Why won't my hair work with me?!

Okay so here's the deal, I have to either straighten my hair or just throw it in a ponytail. There is NO in between. When my hair dries it's almost like an afro. I had curly hair then I got it chemically straightened twice in the last two years. So it has no curls, its a little wavy but that's all. Any ideas what I can do with it? Any ideas how I can wear it down without straightening it? Any products that would help? Attach any videos if you can't explain (: thanks!


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  • hi! I had your same problem! try paul mitchells shampoo and conditioner they work great with the texture of your hair aftter its chemically treated. also videos for hair styles? try this link she has ways to straighten, curl, and wave with flat iron as well as make up and nail tips. have fun! :)


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  • try Mixed Chicks, Miss Jessie's or Kinky Curly hair products.

    Mixed Chicks works best for my hair. A little pricey but you get for what you pay for. :]

    go to mixedchicks.net and/or missjessies.com

    they have great tutorial videos on how to fix damaged hair, super curly hair, and taming the beast.

    hope this helps


  • sorry I can't help, but I'd kill for ur hair! I have thin straight wispy crap that I cry over all the time... I'd rather have a fro then this crap