I had auburn hair then I got my hair bleached at the salon and it looks great expect the hair dresser missed a few strands. Now I have pretty blonde hair ruined by these auburn strands. I've tried lightening the strands with dye but they're not budging. I wanna bleach the strands but I've never bleached my hair before and have no idea what to buy or do. I don't wanna go back to the salon because I don't wanna spend 100$ for something I can do. Help please!!


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  • You should be able to back to te salon and show her she missed a spot.

    • Trust me I did, she wouldn't do it again unless I paid. Plus I really don't want her touching my hair again lol.

    • Uh... you need to talk to her manager and or the salon owner then and if they still don't want to render the service they were paid to do you can take her to small claims court because I KNOW bleaching isn't cheap.

  • I am going through something similar right now, so I shall bump this.
    I have some reddish/orangey streaks that look terrible.