What's your favorite nail polish color?


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  • No polish, just trim and neat fingernails is my fav.

    I like girls who can play sports and do things like climbing, not exactly the type of thing that works with polished, longer nails.

    • I'm super active girl, I'm a gymnast and I do crossfit. Gel nail polish is my only option cause it protects my nails from breaking and I can still keep my girly girl nails at the same time :)

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    • Bit pricey -- I never really paid that much attention to girl's fingernails. Here in Japan they can get so elaborate, like this:


      I always thought it was kinda pointless. :-D

    • When the nails get so elaborate and their style gets so girly, it's actually kind of a turn-off for me since I can't imagine them doing gymnastics, e. g. To me the most attractive girls can almost keep up with me in a race to sprint as fast as we can. If they can beat me, that'd be pretty amazing.

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